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teapot“Strange how a teapot can represent at the same time the comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company.”

~ Author Unknown

Greetings All,

I just wanted to formally introduce a new blog created by my sisters and I called Radiant Daughters, and we would love for you to check it out! We are greatly looking forward to sharing our hearts and hopefully encouraging you in the Lord to live radiantly for Jesus. We are so excited about this journey!

So check us out and be blessed… to God be the glory!


Yesterday we celebrated Valentines Day with a glorious tea! It was simply lovely – we had raspberry tea with strawberry banana crepes, which were absolutely delicious!

We had such fun setting the table in shades of red and pink… so festive!
me and Carley
 Here are Carley and I enjoying ourselves. Carley makes the BEST pancakes/crepes, especially when we add strawberries and bananas!
Courtney and Mom
 And Courtney and Mom are looking so pleasant as they enjoy their tea. Dad was actually out of town, but came home later that evening. So us ladies just had a “girlie” tea time full of memories.

 Well, I hope you have enjoyed these pictures of our Valentines Tea! Wish you all could have joined us!


Daddy was actually out of town on Valentines day but returned home later in the evening… so look at what he sent us ladies! Mom received a dozen beautiful roses and each of us sisters received a white rose with the message: “To my sweet little Valentines”. Awwww!

white rose 


Like the unfolding of a rose, our hearts are developing in the tender hands of God; unfolding slowly into womanhood. This process is delicate and of the utmost importance, requiring diligent protection and faithful guardianship from the world’s bitter frost and deadly diseases. To ensure a maiden’s heart survives and blooms in the fullness of life and beauty, she must be hidden in the Living God, her Savior Jesus Christ, entrusting her heart to the Maker of the rose and the Author of her very life.

filling up the kettle

Ah yes… my secret to a good pot of tea! (well it won’t be a secret now!)

First thing I do, as you can see in the photo above, I fill my tea kettle with fresh, cold water. If you have water left over in your kettle from another batch, pour it out and fill it up with fresh water. By making sure that the water is fresh and cold you are preparing for a great pot of tea!


Next, turn on the heat! If you do not have a kettle, I would encourage you to invest in one – they are so helpful in whistling when your water is boiling (and plus they look so cute on your stove!).

warming the teapot

This next step is a secret not many tea-makers know (or remember). When your water is finished boiling, pour a little of it in your clean teapot and swirl the hot water around to gently heat up the teapot. This will not only prepare your teapot and prevent harmful cracks or breaks, but also will keep your tea hot for longer periods of time.

pouring the water

After you pour out the hot water to warm your teapot, place your selected teabags inside your teapot and fill with boiling water. The tea used here is my favorite – English Breakfast.

let it steep

And let it steep! Steeping times vary from tea to tea, so you can check the back of the teabag for specific times or test the tea every minute or so for the desired flavor. For this tea (English Breakfast) I let it steep for about 4-5 minutes. Try no to forget the time (like I usually do) or your tea will taste bitter and loose it’s original great flavor.

remove teabags

Remove the teabags after the desired time has passed and stir your tea.

a perfect pot of tea

And there we have the perfect pot of tea, ready to enjoy alone or in the company of friends.

I hope this was helpful and that you make a perfect pot of tea soon!

(Thank you Carley for your assistance in taking the great pictures used above!)